Just a little comment on OH3 migration

I don’t like OH3. Switching from 2.5 is just too complicated. I had a running system with no problems. Now I have OH3.
Example: I was able to control my television with the old Panasonic binding, the light went on when it was running via HTTP binding and MQTT, everything was fine. Now I have to use Node-Red Viera to query the television status, start external Json programs with Exec Binding to change the program or to change the volume. And I had no idea about Node-Red or Json.
Mysql Persistence is still missing, backup is not done yet, I no longer understand the GUI.
I waste my life for hours. My wife is upset and so am I. :roll_eyes:
But I know there are more important things in life than that :sunglasses:

That sure is frustrating. Question is, why did the change break your system in that way? Are the bindings missing for OH3?
You can still use OH2.5 until everything that you need is available in OH3. Well, you can still use OH2.5 as long as you want, but it will not get new features as far as I know.
You even have the option to switch gradually to OH3 as there is a binding to integrate OH2.x into OH3.

I think at the moment if you have a oh2.5 working system you should stick with it. Alternatively just use the remote binding and connect a oh3 front end to build some fancy new UI. I am doing this and will run the two side by side then gradually migrate across the backend when I have time. There is too much of a learning curve with just the front end for me.