Just installed on Raspberry Pi 2 - Couple of setup questions

Preface this by saying… I’m completely new to OpenHAB and Raspberry Pi. Below is what I have done so far, Is there anything else I need to do setup-wise before I start to learn and figure out how to add devices and create some automations? Thanks so much!

  1. Initial install was done by writing the OpenHABian 2.2.0-1 to the MicroSD card and powering up the Raspberry Pi.

  2. OpenHAB and Raspberry Pi booted and obtained an IP address.

  3. I’m able to connect to the Dashboard via IPaddress:8080

  4. I can launch the Paper UI.

  5. I can launch the OpenHABian Configuration Tool.

  6. I can SSH to OpenHABian.

Sounds like you have the bases covered. Next you need to start configuring.

Time to get some bindings and start making things.

Thanks @Moxified! How about a Site Map or any other components that I should install? Is that required before I begin? Also, will using the “Experimental” Rules add-on work for basic automations? Appreciate it!

Please read here https://docs.openhab.org/tutorials/beginner/index.html for an intro about the next steps.
Congrats to have gotten this far.

Please note that the experimental rule engine is still called experimental…meaning you may get weird errors and malfunctions despite you doing everything correctly; not too many users of it either in the forum it appears, so you may have a harder time getting questions answered…just some thoughts

Thanks @lipp_markus. I’ll check out the link you sent. If the Rule add-on isn’t used/supported by many here that’s too bad. Writing code to do automations is something I’ll need to learn since I have zero experience. Appreciate it.

How do I define an NTP server for my Raspberry Pi that OH2 will use to fire rules? Thanks

Maybe this? http://raspberrypi.tomasgreno.cz/ntp-client-and-server.html

I didn’t read it and I don’t know if it applies to openhabian. I think the latest version of debian actually does NTP services by default now?

There is also an NTP binding if that is more what you are looking for: https://docs.openhab.org/addons/bindings/ntp/readme.html

Thanks @Moxified. I installed the NTP binding but it doesn’t appear it adjusted the time… if I did it correctly. :slight_smile: The other link you sent is over my head at this point. Need to read and learn more!

Yeah, the binding isn’t for changing system time. For that you really need to setup ntp on the OS itself.

If I get some time tomorrow I’ll try to condense it down to easier steps. It really isn’t complicated.

That would be very helpful. The OS is 50 seconds off and I’d like it to use the same NTP my computers and NAS use. Thanks!