Jython/JSR223: 3rd party python modules?


Would it be possible to import asyncio and pylms (squeezebox control) python modules in jython? If so, how would I accomplish this? What folders or path statements would I have to use and are there any other specific problems to overcome? :thinking:

The reason I ask is I have some python scripts that would be easier to migrate to jython instead of using proxy items to “communicate” between my python and jython scripts.

The asyncio module requires Python 3.4 or later. Jython is compatible with CPython 2.7 so it won’t be supported in that environment. Pure Python 2 code (no native dependencies) will often work well with Jython, but there may be small issues.

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Compatibility aside, you can put missing modules in automation/lib/python and they will be available as in CPython.



Hopefully Jython3 will arrive… soon ™ :wink: