Kankun (iKonke) Smartplug binding

Hi, alll. I am new in town. Now that I found you, I have to say it is the integration that was needed to set up a standard.

please help me with some old toys. I have 3 Konke K1 smart plugs running on an App called Smartplug
link to the app:
(智能插座 by Hangzhou Konke information technology LTD.

First, I would love to have all in the same environment. Second, this app does not have a cloud for remote access (and I don’t know if I would trust)

Could someone help me with a binding here?



New information. I found someone hacking the same plug here: http://www.anites.com/2015/01/hacking-kankun-smart-wifi-plug.html

Might it help to develop the binder?

Running Mac OSX and not much experience coding.


Actually this looks a lot more promising…

This was written for Home Assistant, but the developer actually wrote a homebridge version as well. I am currently running his homebridge version successfuly, however, openhab being my main platform (and MUCH more stable than homebridge) would be my preference as well.

Hope this helps a developer that can pick this up…!

OpenHAB team,

I haven’t seen any traction made with this one. As I mentioned, I am not a developer, otherwise I would have done this myself. I was able to validate the executable commands needed to get this to work.
Once you downloaded the executable files from https://github.com/YinHangCode/ikonkeIO onto your home directory on your OH system (in my case it is Openhabian platform), you’ll just need to copy the relevant files based on your CPU architecture to the main folder (two executable files in there).

Then, after running the discovery command: sh ikonkeIO.sh --discover (where the IP address would be your broadcast IP address), it will find all ikonke outlets available on your network, example output:

broadcast address:, scan ikonke device.... 

type: mini_w
ip: 192.168.1.XXX
mac: 11-22-33-44-55-66
password: 12345678

type: mini_w
ip: 192.168.1.YYY
mac: aa-bb-cc-dd-ee-ff
password: 87654321

In order to operate each switch, the following executable commands are available, provided along with the syntax:

sh ikonkeIO.sh -C {type} {IP} {mac} '{password}' {setRelay/getRelay} {open/close}
These parameters are identified in the discovery process.

sh ikonkeIO.sh -C mini_w 192.168.1.XXX 11-22-33-44-55-66 '12345678' setRelay open
The above command will turn the relay switch to ON and the command output would say success

sh ikonkeIO.sh -C mini_w 192.168.1.XXX 11-22-33-44-55-66 '12345678' setRelay close
The above command will turn the relay switch to OFF and the command output would say success

sh ikonkeIO.sh -C mini_w 192.168.1.XXX 11-22-33-44-55-66 '12345678' getRelay
The above command will ask the switch for its current status. The command output would say either open (ON) or close (OFF)

Again, I am no developer, but it seems like this has all the materials you would need to develop this into an OH Thing.