Karaf Problem


i have a Problem to install Addons with Paper UI (known Issue).
So i wanted to install the astro binding over the addons Folder.

But i cannot activate the Installation in karaf.
It seems that i don´t have the userrights anymore.

I am still in the admingroup and the user works.

But with “help bundle:start Tab” my user is only able to execute “bundle:start-level xxx”

I am also not able to stop, uninstall etc.

Is this a user right Problem?

Please help me.

Best regards

did you modify in any way the file: /var/lib/openhab2/etc/users.properties ?
if yes: make sure that you have the ,_g_:admingroup part at the end of the user line and the last line is: _g_\:admingroup = group,admin,manager,viewer,systembundles

I already checked that.

This are my user properties:

openhab = {CRYPT}E50F55D83080854648A2A790ECBCD8A0DCD7D399CA77A2BA7E539C2DDAFA328F{CRYPT},_g_\:admingroup = group,admin,manager,viewer,systembundles

But i´m only able to execute following commands:

openhab> help bundle:
        bundle:capabilities   Displays OSGi capabilities of a given bundles.
        bundle:classes        Displays a list of classes/resources contained in the bundle
        bundle:diag           Displays diagnostic information why a bundle is not Active
        bundle:dynamic-import Enables/disables dynamic-import for a given bundle.
        bundle:find-class     Locates a specified class in any deployed bundle
        bundle:headers        Displays OSGi headers of a given bundles.
        bundle:id             Gets the bundle ID.
        bundle:info           Displays detailed information of a given bundles.
        bundle:list           Lists all installed bundles.
        bundle:load-test      Load test bundle lifecycle
        bundle:requirements   Displays OSGi requirements of a given bundles.
        bundle:resolve        Resolve bundles.
        bundle:services       Lists OSGi services per Bundle
        bundle:start-level    Gets or sets the start level of a bundle.
        bundle:status         Get the bundle current status
        bundle:tree-show      Shows the tree of bundles based on the wiring information.

If i am trying the start command i get this Feedback:

openhab> bundle:start 215
Command not found: bundle:start

e.g the bundle:list command works, so i assume that this could be a user rights Problem.

The Problem appears after crypt the user and Password.
Now i left it encrypted and it works.

Thanks for support

Now i found out, that it was also the reason why i wasn´t able to install addons with Paper UI.

That works also know - perfect News at the and of the week :wink:

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