Kaspersky internet security


I am starting with openHab (3.3.0 on windows 10).
On the machine I use is also running Kaspersky Internet Security.

I am not able to send out mail en pusover messages unless I completely disable all protection items.
When disabled all of them things are working fine, as soon as only one is enabled again, pushover thing and mail thing are showing error.

Does anyone know how to set Kaspersky so that openHab works as planed?

I don’t use Kaspersky so my answer is based on internet investigation.
Check if adding an exception for openhab ( should be the underlying java executable I would assume ) is enough. Adding an exception is described here ( How to add an exception in Kaspersky to allow the use of Aspera Connect ) based on one specific use case.

I set Kaspersky a little less strickt and now it works fine!

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