Hi All,

ever since I upgraded to 2.5.x and left the 2.4 branch (with a fixed version of the keba add-on due to some version check “bug”) the RFID items descibed in the documenation ( are not shown in the things keba overview, like:

  • sessionrfidtag
  • sessionrfidclass

So I wonder, whether I’m missing something or the items are currently / not longer available/supported.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


How are your things configured and are you using kecontact as the thing type id?

Hi H102,

thanks for your input. I originally created the thing in paperui.
After your hint, I deleted it and created it manually and suddenly the channels showed up!
Even re-creating the thing via paperui now displays the channels.

I guess something got stuck/limited by the old thing from pervious versions.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


You only want to create the Thing by either files or PaperUI but not both. Most recommend to use PaperUI for Things and use files for Items.