Keba hardware

Hi I’m look to buy a ev charger.

I would like a charger that able to “talk” to openhab.

I’m looking at Keba P30, the keba binding states the P30 and P20, but when I’m looking at the keba website there several sub-version.
Like P30 E, P30 B, P30 C and P30 X.

Is the binding compatible with all version?
It would be nice if the binding information contained a compatibility list :slight_smile:

Thanks Mads

It would be nice if money grew on trees.

Hi Namraccr

I’m sure if the right person read the spec, hi could tell if there where versions that have no chance working.

Instead of calling it a compatibility list, call it a positive list with versions known to work.

As you mentioned, money does not grow on trees and I don’t want to buy something that doesn’t work.! :slight_smile:

Thanks Mads

I did not know it to 100%, but I would think that you need a c- or x-Series Modell, because of the overview table from KEBA. There you can see a line with UDP, and this is only available for this two series. Wenn you go to the download section, you will additional find a document for UDP (v2.03) and there the usage with a smart home application is explained.
I ordered myself a KEBA x-Series, to have a master for a later future, if a second wallbox for a second car is needed. I wait for delivery (expected in December), so I can’t say more in the moment about functionality.

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Thanks, I have been looking at prices and when the KEBA needs to be a “C” or “X” model its going to be to expensive compared to the “openhab able” alternative GO-echarger, at least i my part of the world :wink:

To help future openhab users, it would be nice if this UDP information was mentioned i on the binding info page.

Thanks Mads