Keen Home Vents

Has anyone seen or integrated the Keen Home vents into OpenHAB control?

They look pretty cool

I had my eye on some smart vents a while back - it may have been these. I’ve been toying with OpenHAB for about a year with a couple of arduino sensors. I believe the Keen vents use Zigbee - is there a way to integrate this into OpenHAB? I’d be interested in taking my setup to the next level if there was.

Be aware that there are much less expensive Z-Wave vents from EcoNet. They are not “smart” vents, but since you have openHAB, you can be much smarter in controlling them because you can use any logic or input that’s possible on openHAB (in addition to Z-Wave association groups, I think).

I have four Keen Home Vents and a smart bridge and stumbled upon this site. The vents and bridge system work flawlessly and I was very impressed with the quality—even the packaging was first rate. I am here to see if anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to integrate them with OpenHAB. They claim that the Keen Home vents are compatible with SmartThings, Lowes Iris and (soon) Nest. They do not have a IFTTT channel which is a little disappointing because I have Wireless Tag sensors that would be great to have ‘talk’ with the vents. If you have ideas or interest in any of this, I would love to hear from you. openHAB sounds like a great solution to the mess that smart homes are currently in with so many companies doing their own thing with no interest in sharing.

Glad to hear from someone actually using these. I’ll be honest, the other vents mentioned here may be cheaper, but the keen vents appear to be very well built and are sleek looking. I wish there was a standard for all this stuff - it would make integrating them much easier.

If you would share how these work with the bridge you have, I’d be interested to hear the options and features. Please post an update if you happen to move further with integrating into openhab.

I live in New Brunswick, Canada, a place where we can get very cold temperatures in the winter and very hot in the summer. I have a geothermal heat system in a chalet style house with large windows facing south. I use three keen vents in the basement family room. When the sun is shining through the windows in the winter, lots of warm air rises to the peak of the cathedral ceiling. A return air vent at the peak circulates that warm air through the house. With a touch on my iPhone I can open all three vents in the family room to heat it. After the sun goes down, I close the vents unless we are using the family room that evening—often not. Sometimes I do this when I am away.
In the summer, I close the vents on hot days to prevent the already fairly cool basement room from getting further air conditioning.
I have heat/motion/moisture sensors that I refer to and that automatically tell me when temps or other are beyond my settings. I would like to get the two systems talking so that what I now do manually could be done automatically.