Keep binding repo and openhab-addons forked repo in sync

Hi guys.

I’ve developed a new binding (melcloud binding).

It’s stand alone on a my github repo but want to know the best way to manage it into a my openhab-addons forked repo.

I would like to keep dedicated repo for the binding but reference it on my forked openhab2-addons . It s possible via github refs ?

Other solutions or best practice for maintain them separated but in sync ? Suggestions ?

Thanks in advance .


Do you intend to have it included in the openhab2-addons repo? Because when you would it will more work if you also want to keep a separate standalone version. All other solutions probably require some kind of manual work to keep it up-to-date when rebasing the openhab2-addons.


So which is the best way ?

Freeze the standalone repo and continue work only on openhab fork ?

I find it less comfortable to work on openhab2-addons forked repo.

It’s possible to use git refs for reference my standalone project on the addons forked repo?

I guess it’s possible to use git refs, but you need to maintain it every time you rebase the fork. I only work on the fork as I don’t want to be bothered maintaining thing like that. In what why do you find working with the forked repo less comfortable?

For example… the README in the repo is releative to openhab addons and not the binding .
In the standalone repo i can manage the README at landing page, so i.e. the users can download release .

With forked addons repo the binding info are very hidden. I’m wrong ?

If you want that people find you binding before it’s merged to master, you need to advertise it by adding link somewhere, right? So there is no bigger difference if link is to standalone repo or addons repo, link is just little bit longer.

As soon as your binding is merged into master, the README will be integrated into .

Also, in your first annoucement, I tend to put a link to the in my branch, so people can have a look at it and perhaps already suggest changes before the binding is merged :smile:

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