Kernel Panic

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+
      latest openhabian

Every few days my Raspberry gets a kernel error- which causes voice control… is not working anymore.

I attach a picture of the error, and hope someone can help me solving this!

We can’t really see anything from this picture.
Could you ssh into the pi and copy and paste the error into the forum, please
Don’t forget to use code fences, Thanks

There might be someone on this forum who can help. But really, a kernel panic means some hardware driver on your system threw an error. This isn’t something that is directly related to OH since OH doesn’t run in kernel space.

I would expect only two sources for this error:

  1. The SD card became corrupted at some point either because it is worn out or it has had the power pulled while the RPi was running.

  2. The RPi is physically defective.

thank you for your answer!

I boot from a SSD (Samsung 850, 128GB), not a SD Card.

A defective Raspi- that would be not nice :confused:

I can install Openhabian on a SD Card and see if this is better- but this is only a temporary solution as much writing acess damages the SD card.

Hello Vincent,
Unfortanely i can not ssh the pi, because when the Kernel Panic appears, i can not reach it via network anymore.

Yes but that will enable you to check if your pi is ok

Loss of power without sitting down the RPi first can corrupt a file system no matter what sort media it is. It’s it’s even more likely with flash based memory which also includes ssds.

A corrupt fine system doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the SSD itself. But it can mean that parts of important files, like kernel modules, are corrupted.