kEYFOB Gen5 ZW088 OH 1.8

Dear All
Please help me with example of using this device. I have problems with installation of Habmin, and can’t use it.
I try a string from similar device, but not working.
Number fibaro_button_scene “Fibaro Button Scene[%d]” (zwave) {zwave=“2:command=central_scene”}
I need just to read key presses.

Looks like it is not supported ((
I just try OH 2 and it find it as Unknown device. Can one add it to database, it is popular aeon device.

zwave_class_basic CONTROLLER
zwave_class_generic REMOTE_CONTROLLER
zwave_frequent false
zwave_nodeid 11
zwave_version 0.0
zwave_listening false
zwave_routing false
zwave_beaming true

Sure - see here.

I see its atributes on HABmin, but there was no information about vendor or version. Only that I publish before.
May be my device is bad or in incorrect mode (( But I see that my qualification is not so good to provide XML by myself.
I get my zwave controller just 4 days ago.
I have a link to that device.

In technical information find:
Supported Commands.

I try SCENE_ACTIVATION but it is not working. Battery is working. ))

It sounds like the device isn’t initialising correctly. Make sure it’s waking up enough to do the initialisation - the device must be close to the controller while doing this. If it’s not working, even after you’re woken it up a number of times, then please grab a debug log and I’ll have a look.

Ok. I will try to do it. But device report a batterry status, so it is working. I am still dont know the right Item for it.
If you shure that this device should be in database, please confirm.
2017-03-11 18:06:55.719 [WARN ] [.b.z.i.c.ZWaveConverterHandler] - No command class found for item = keyfob_button_scene, command class name = scene_activation, using 0 refresh interval.

Number keyfob_button_battery “keyfob Button Battery[%d %%]” (zwave) {zwave=“11:command=battery”}

  • this return 100%. Not very quick but it works.

Yes, but it doesn’t mean it’s initialised properly. The fact that you don’t have all the attributes showing in HABmin indicates it’s not the case…

This device is really strange ( When I add it after reset it is adding with parameters from picture. But after adding it is always in group mode (configuration mode). If I changing to Scene mode - parameters disappear (I post it before, all unknown). Also control dont work. Scene number is always Nan. So still not working. (( But looks like it is in database. Please help

I still cant start to work with this device (OH 2 also). If somebody use this device, please confirm that it is compatible with OH.

Finaly I win in fighting this device, (and Fibaro flood sensor also). As I see - for some times it is important to configure the device first with native controller. It will save a lot of time.
It is needed to keep the fob in constant wakeup mode. This can be done by constant pressing of Learn key on the back.
Also it is needed to put it to Scene mode (I did it from Habmin 2). So, now it is working. It is not included in manual, but only to quick set up guide, which is not in the box.