Kia UVO - Binding Request

Kia has an app that provides status information and allows one to control certain elements (lock/unlock, start/stop, climate control, etc.). It also has a basic scheduling feature that let’s you set a time on selected days to start the car (e.g., weekday mornings). Of course it has not way to know if it’s a holiday. Or if it doesn’t need to warm up the car because the outside temperature is already warm enough.

I found a Github project that has created a Java library interface to Kia UVO. Apparently it was developed so that it could be used with HA.

There is a separate project for Hyundai BlueLink. In Europe BlueLink works with both Hyundai & Kia but in North America they are different.

I would love to be able to better automate the car functions by integrating it with openHAB to use ephemeris and weather information.

So, my request to the community since I have no clue how to develop a new binding and have zero knowledge (nor comfort) with Java.



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