Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage

A small but important Open Source conference for Northern Germany will take place on 20. and 21.9.2019 in Kiel.
If I find helping hands (alias ambassadors) from the openHAB community (preferably locals from nearby Kiel), I’m willing to organize an OH booth at the conference. And no: It is only possible because I am in direct contact with the organizers :slight_smile:
Be quick and give me a ping.

Vacation. I am out this time. :slight_smile:

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I will check that with my family and come back to you later this week

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Checked that with may familiy:

  • Sunday is family first day, so chance to join.
  • Saturday is up to me

Unfortunately there is no car available on saturday for me so that i use the train and bus

Thanks to @Dibbler42 we’re at kieler linux tage :slight_smile:
Spread the word and visit the stand.

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@luckow So many questions:

When do we meet?
Is there something i should bring (Access Points, Raspberries, Power Supplies, Sweets, …)
Who else is joining us?
What else?

The event will take place Friday & Saturday (!)

My plan is to arrive in Kiel on Thursday. In my understanding @Dibbler42 will join on saturday. If someone from near Kiel will help out on Friday, it will be great :slight_smile: Otherwise we are the complete team.

Sweets for saturday are sweet. If you have very special hardware to show, bring it to the stand. I’m bringing some standard hardware to Kiel for Friday.

i changed my plans and will join on friday and saturday. a stay over night may happen, i will decide that later

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Hey All,

day two of Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage is starting in about 1 hour. Lots of talks and an excellent openHAb team onsite.

So enough time to get up, jump on your bike, car, train or what ever and visit us. At 13:00 @luckow will held his fabulous talk about the smart in smart home.

Join us, have fun.