KM200 Binding with Buderus

Many thanks Günther! You have found the solution! I have spent many hours creating salty hashes with magic bytes and keys of all sorts … (Seufze) I wish we could DELETE out-of-date and inaccurate posts from the Internet that lead people down the wrong path when they are looking for solutions, and there are many on this subject! Thank you! :clap:

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Hey everyone, would like to ask if someone by now find a solution to find all possible items? Channel still doesn’t deliver anything. So until now I used what I found in the post of @NCO but not everything seems to deliver correct information. So for example:

km200:sensor:heizunggateway:temperatures:supply_t1 - From my understanding is the water temp


km200:heatingCircuit:heizunggateway:hc1:actualSupplyTemperature - Should be the temperature (outgoing) in the heating circut (in german “Vorlauftemperatur”)

But both delivering the exact same value all the time.

So it would be really helpful to have an overview of all possible items and what information they deliver. The official documentation says that channels should come automatically but it’s not the case for me.

The add-on checks all routes on the REST endpoint. When there is no entry discovered then the km200 doesn’t offer one. I had the same issue and like I wrote in the other issue the only way getting all relevant values out of it is by hopping on the internal bus system. (Binding Request : Buderus web gateway - #528 by BratHuhn)