Knob not showing the correct decimal places


I have the following item:

Number GGHHSFXDD "HHH [%.3f]"

In Habpanel I have a knob which looks like such

I’ve also tried the server format as well as %.3f to no avail

As you can see, I set the value to 10.123 and the knob will only display 10.1 while a dummy widget shows the correct value.

I’ve found a number of posts were the opposite is the problem - too many DPs.

Am I being daft? Could someone else do a quick test please? Somegthing I am doing wrong?

This is all on 2.4 on RPi.


Hi Crispin,
I have the same problem and for the moment I am not able to solve it. Did you find a solution?


Nope. Still shows as wrong. :frowning_face: