Knob Styling : How to match example in Wiki?

Can anyone give some pointer on how to get a knob that looks like the one in the wiki?


Okay this took me about half an hour of tinkering with the settings not really knowing what they did so really just trial and error.


Bar & Track
Angles Start -140, End 140
Bar Width 10, Cap 5
Track Width 20, Colour translucent

Tron Skin Settings Width 10, Space 8

I take it that the tron skin puts the outside bar on the gauge.

Does anyone know how I could move the word “Power” down into the gap and make it bigger?

Is there any other documentation on some of these concepts that I’m not aware of?


I replicated the colour scheme. Nice work.

Sorry, I don’t know how to move the text… It would be nice to get dynamic sized text and %'ge for widths too… Because on my iPad it just looks rude

Yeah agreed, having things scale nicely on different devices would be a great help. At the moment it looks like I’ll have to create a set of dashboards for each device…