KNX 2.0 : Configure contact and temperature (light ok) - CLOSE


I discovered openHab since yesterday. very nice!
But I have to go wrong to configure some hardware.

I knew how to configure my lamps without problem. It works.
I created a things “lamp”, with in group “1/2/3” as address. And a channel “ga”, switch, with “1/2/3”. Perfect.Everything works in control.

I proceeded in the same way for my contacts, trying “contact, switch” …, but nothing works. Same for temperature, with “number, and string”. What am I doing wrong?

Capture of my configuration “contact” and “temperature” :slight_smile:

Subsidiary question: I am not sure I understood the fetch correctly. When to use it?

Other picture

Finded :slight_smile: (Problem on my KNX result :))

Please be aware that you misconfigured your knx thing. The address for the thing is either a physical address in x.y.z notation or nothing at all. x/y/z is Group Address notation.