KNX 2.3.0 Problem with Scene


I have a problem with reading a knx scene in openhab. I was upgrading openhab to V2.3.0-SNAPSHOT and use the KNX Binding:

212 │ Active │ 80 │ │ KNX Binding

I am using a byte-scene, so the Number-Item is configurated as followed:
18.001:15/0/0 (via PaperUI)

With the KNX 1.x it was working well. Now I saw in the log file that I got a KNXFormatException.

2018-04-01 16:13:23.906 [INFO ] [g.knx.internal.dpt.KNXCoreTypeMapper] - Translator couldn't parse data for datapoint type '18.001' (KNXFormatException).
2018-04-01 16:13:23.909 [WARN ] [.internal.handler.DeviceThingHandler] - Ignoring KNX bus data: couldn't transform to any Type (destination='15/0/0', datapoint='command DP 15/0/0 'knx:device:KNXToRaspbi', DPT id 18.001, low priority', data='0x00')

The data which I receive (data=0x00) is correct (because it is scene 0). If I press the button to learn the scene I get data=0x80. So data is comming correct only parsing it is failing.

Can someone please help in this case. All other KNX items (switch, dimmer) are working fine.


Hello again,

has anyone similar problems? Maybe Scenes are not common to manage in KNX (if knx is used), maybe it is better to manage them in openhab (rules)!?

Hello again,

I tried out some stuff for myself to solve this problem. At first I checked out the source code and took a look with eclipse. I found out that the exception appears because of calling the method “getNumericValue” of the class DPTXlator. It can be found in KNXCoreTypeMapper.

public double getNumericValue() throws KNXFormatException
	throw new KNXFormatException("No simple numeric representation possible");

In case of a scene there should be used the class DPTXlatorSceneControl and the method getSceneNumber

 * Returns the scene number of the first translation item.
 * @return unsigned 6 Bit using type short
public final short getSceneNumber()
	return (short) (data[0] & 0x3F);

There exists a switch case where the number of scene is read out but not returned (case 18).

            case 2:
                DPTXlator1BitControlled translator1BitControlled = (DPTXlator1BitControlled) translator;
                int decValue = (translator1BitControlled.getControlBit() ? 2 : 0)
                        + (translator1BitControlled.getValueBit() ? 1 : 0);
                return new DecimalType(decValue);
            case 18:
                DPTXlatorSceneControl translatorSceneControl = (DPTXlatorSceneControl) translator;
                int decimalValue = translatorSceneControl.getSceneNumber();
                if (value.startsWith("learn")) {
                    decimalValue += 0x80;
                value = String.valueOf(decimalValue);
            case 19:

I replaced break with return new DecimalType(decimalValue);. Then it was working.

Hopefully someone can change it and upload it to github. I am not very familar using it.

Please give any response if it makes sense, or maybe I am still working in a wrong way with the scenes??

I cannot read scenes as well since I upgraded to 2.3. Is any fixing on its way?


just a workaround is recommended. You can find it here: