KNX - although bridge is "online" - cannot create things (from physical devices)

Hello everyone.

I’m new here and to this world and need some help/guidance.

I have installed the openHAB 3.2.0 running on a PC machine (11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1160G7, 16GB RAM) with OS Windows 11 (64-bit) and it seems to be working fine.

My home installation is based on Schneider Electric devices/hardware, connected to the network via a KNX IP Router (screenshot attached).

I already have a smart home hub hardware device which is connected to the KNX IP router and working fine so I know that the KNX is working OK.

I wish to add some more capabilities and that’s the reason for trying to connect it to the OpenHAB environment.

I installed the “KNX binding” and then created a Thing “KNX/IP Gateway” which seems to be working and be online - screenshot attached:

Now I’m stuck! I cannot add things from the actual physical devices.

I have tried to add a Thing from “KNX Device” by inputting the device address:

But I’m getting a “ERROR-HANDLER”:

Not sure what to do now…
I’ll appreciate it if someone can kindly provide some assistance/guidance.

Thanks in advance,

That is an experimental feature. What you need is to know your group addresses that those devices comunicate. Your problem is not understanding what knx is.

Thank you very much for your reply.
Where or how can I find the group addresses (and where should I input it).

Well the group adresses have been done by the person that installed the system. He used a software called ets. Now you can ask him to send a print of them with the description of each.
Now where to input them is simple you have already configured your bridge as router and is online so communication is happening.
What you need next is a thing connected to that bridge like you already did but without the physical knx address and then add channels to that thing in Wich you input the group addresses. A guide doesn’t exist and no one will give you that because knx is already complicated like it is just by itself and then openhab is just an open source project with people devoting personal time to it. So first read as much as you can and then ask for guidance if you really că not find any information.
So please read this and this:

Feel free as you go to ask questions that you cannot find answers.

Will do. Thanks you very much!

Hello Nir and welcome to the OH forum,
you may have a look at this little post I wrote some time ago - it gives you a quick walkthrough on how things work when setting up knx things within OH.
Have fun,

Hi Thomas,
Thank you very much!
I was able to make it work :slight_smile: :pray:
Much appreciated!