KNX and state

Hello everybody,
I have a little problem with KNX.
In ETS : switch 0/0/1
In ETS : state 0/0/101
no DTP
In OH : switch … {0/0/1+0/0/101} and switch … {<(10)0/0/101}

My problem : if I put manually and physically button OFF or ON in my actuator, Openhab don’t receive the information.
Is it normal ? I know that theoretically nobody have to go in electrical cabinet but I would like to understand.

Please never use incoming GA twice. In fact, there is no need to do this…

Can you explain to me please ? I don’t understand what is wrong ? You would like to say in ETS i don’t have to create one switch address and one state address?

Oh I think you are talking about the two items in OH ? It was for compare different type of declaration.
I don’t understand " < ".

Given a knx actuator with object switch (DPT1.001) linked to GA 0/0/1 and state (DPT1.001) linked to GA 0/0/101 with R-flag set (so this object is readable from knx bus) you would define the corresponding item in openHAB like this:

Switch myKNXswitch "Switch is [%s]" {knx="0/0/1+<0/0/101"}

openHAB will request the state at startup from GA 0/0/101 once. When switching at knx side, the actuator will send a status update to GA 0/0/101 and openHAB will change the state of myKNXswitch accordingly.
When switching the item, openHAB will send the command at GA 0/0/1, knx will react by switching the actuator (which will result in a state update at GA 0/0/101).

The < is: openHAB will read out this GA once when started.
The optional (nn) is: openHAB will read out every nn Seconds. This parameter is almost never used. state updates should always be sent automatically.

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It seems to work.
Thanks a lot.