[KNX] Are 2 IP-gateways possible?


Is it possible to connect OH with 2 different KNX/IP Router, since they lead to different KNX Networks that both use same GA, i guess it is not possible to just do this via items since they dont know which 0/0/0 GA is meant would send it to both Networks and the light would switch in both networks.

So my question:
is it possible to bind 2 different KNX Networks?
how can i bind them?
how can i tell items witch Network the GA is assigned to ?

Greetings, Pinks

Doing it from a single openHAB instance is not possible!
As a workaround, you should use two openHAB instances connected between them through mqtt, then create items which have different names (like light1oh1 in the first instance and light1oh2 in the second). Each openHAB instance would connect to its respective KNX gateway.
This way you can do it, I think!


Thanks for the reply,will do that.