KNX basic setup question - where to place IP bridge


I have recently managed to put together a first working KNX line and I am now planning to wire up rest of my house, for what I intend to use multiple lines and line couplers.

I have IP interface to program the KNX network, my question is - is there any specific place I need to put the IP interface for OH to be able to talk to my whole network and see all telegrams going back and forth?

At the moment, I am thinking about 3 separate lines connected with line couplers to a single main line - shall I place the IP interface on the mainline? Does it matter where it is?

(I’ve got this device as an interface:

The link is incorrect (I guess it depends on a cookie or so)

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Ah. :slight_smile:
As long as the knx bus is not routed with area couplers (I don’t know if this is the correct term) it shouldn’t matter where you place the interface, but typically you should place it in your control cabinet.