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Hi OpenHab,

I have dry contacts which indicate open/closed and in this case ON (True) indicates that item is closed and OFF (False) that item is opened.

Unfortunately there is no way using KNX binding to configure properly this scenario. I am using custom transformations to redefine OPEN to CLOSED and vice versa, but this seems like a hack… considering also that icons are the other way around…

Could we please consider adding a possibility to identify that contact channel on KNX thing can be inverted? So that there is no need to redefined anything in transformations and have iconset right.


Hi guys,

Could KNX binding team please help?


Use a transformation profile on the link between channel and Item. A MAP type can map OPEN=CLOSED etc.

I am using it, yes. However it does not affect model and sitemap. It show all items the other way around…

Then you are not using a profile. A profile manipulates data before it gets put into Item state.

Find an example here (here using JS transformer):

Nevertheless it would be cool, if that would be builtin on the knx binding directly :).

Thanks for information!

I do agree it would be good to have it as a built-in feature. Recently I have asked for the same change in HomeKit extension, right now I realize that didn’t fix the issue but just consequences, even though its useful, in any case. You see, that not having this into the core extension makes users building the new year tree around it in other places (homekit, etc. extensions, transformations, etc) :slight_smile:

I think this is a useful feature as its a real use case.

Hopefully we could consider this being part of extension itself :slight_smile:


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