KNX Binding control switch no status update over ga adress


I have defined a control switch, which is Controlling two Scenes of the velux binding (ON = Down, OFF = Up). Here is my thing and my item:


Type switch-control         :Rolladen_VeluxSchlafziStr          "Rolladen Velux Schlafzimmer Straße"          [ ga="0/6/22+<0/6/23"]


Switch  RolladenSchlafziStr_Action   "Rolladen Schlafzimmer Straße"     <rollershutter>       (gVelux, gSchlafzimmer)                {channel="knx:device:bridge:control:Rolladen_VeluxSchlafziStr"}

switch is running (virtual over Basic UI and with a KNX push button). But openhab does not send any Status updates of the second ga. Is this a normal behaviour for a control item? The rest of my knx Things is running very smooth without problems but all GA are from real generic devices.

Thank you for your help.

No idea, any hints?

As it’s a control channel… What are the GAs for?
0/6/23 would be the output of the wall switch,
0/6/22 would be the state input of the wall switch.

0/6/22 is the switching ga (send by the wall switch) and 0/6/23 is the status ga, normally send by the actuator when the status changed.
Exactly what you have wrote.
I have a rule, which start when the switch (openhab switch) received ON or OFF. I would like to have a status ga of the switch send by openhab when using it.

openHAB will only send to knx when using sendCommand. openHAB will only send to the first GA set for a parameter (i.e. 0/6/22 in your configuration). openHAB will only send a state update, not a command (this is due to the type switch-control).

Is there any other possibility to realize my described approach?

Actually I use the first ga as status object for the wall switch.

Thanks for your help!

Well, in fact, I would expect this thing to work.

I thought the same… but without any success.

I have the same problem for my switch-control. The status GA (0/6/23 here) is never sent, also it cannot be read when explicitly requested in ETS group monitor (openhab does not respond with the status for a GroupValueRead request).

My wall switch can trigger the GA 0/6/22, so this works as expected. Reading this ga with ETS does respond with the correct status, too.

Seems to be exactly the same problem like johannesbonn has: status GA do not work with switch-control.

Is this simply bugged? Is there a workaround?

Seems related