KNX binding - Difference between channel type switch and channel type switch control?

Hello openHAB community,

I recently discovred OpenHAB and I installed openHAB version 3.1.0 on my raspberry and configured the KNX binding (tunnel mode)

I’m testing some basic features as switching ligths , dimming lights and control shutters.

I would like to understand the difference between the channel type standard and channel type control ?
The explanations found in the documentation are not cleared for me (KNX - Bindings | openHAB)

Please could you help me or give me a simple example ?

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

standard channel - device that follows directives, e.g. a lamp
control channel - device that issues directives, e.g. a glass panel

standard channel - openHAB Item passes commands to device, and passes status information from device to OH Item.
control channel - openHAB Item receives commands from device, and passes internal OH status back to device.

Hello @rossko57 ,

Thanks for your feedback.

If I understand well, standard channel should be enough for the most use case. (on / off ligh, dimming lamp, up/ down shutters …)

I have again 2 questions (some doubt) about status information :

  • question 1: If I use standard channel for on / off light,. Do I have to create something to specify my address group for the status information of my light ?

  • question 2 : How to force a synchro about all status if opehab server has been rebooted ?

Bonne soirée