KNX Binding doesn't send commands to bus

Hi There,

after using OH2 for ages i decided to move now to OH 3 and do a new fresh setup (and felt into the jfrog trap…). Now I’m facing the following problem:
even though my RP4 is well setup and knx via pigator is working as expected (can send knx commands via knxtool) the KNX binding is not able to send KNX commands. The interesting aspect is, that there are no error logs on the one side and on the other, the binding receives change signals via knx and forwards them as expected to the OH UI.

Here is the code in knx.things

Bridge knx:ip:bridge [
] {
    Thing device generic [] 
        Type switch        : demoSwitch        "Light"       [ ga="4/0/0+<4/0/1" ]

and in knx.items:

Switch        demoSwitch         "Light [%s]"               <light>          { channel="knx:device:bridge:generic:demoSwitch" }

as said, “knxtool on/off ip: 4/0/0” works from the same RP4 as expected and also creates the events in OH.

Any suggestions welcome.


Afaik, if using router mode, you have to set the local ip address (the ip of the openHAB server)

In the end i switched to tunnel mode. that works as expected.