[KNX Binding] Fallback Gateway


I have a gateway that sometimes stops working and needs a power reset. As this is rather irritating, I added a self-made gateway consisting of a tpuart USB stick connected to my server. As this server sometimes also has a downtime, I am wondering, if it is possible to configure a fallback gateway in the KNX binding. That means that the binding typically connects to one of the two gateways, but in case the connection fails tries to connect to the second gateway.

That would be a nice feature. I am not sure if that is already possible somehow, or if that would be a new feature request.

AFAIK no binding has built-in “fallbacks” in place, except it is explicitly the purpose of a deivce/service/server (like e.g. NTP).
So, I’d think it won’t be added to any binding and also KNX, as it also makes configuration way more complex.

You could try to manipulate your KNX-bridge via script and restart it afterwards. You can do this via API-calls or by changing the .things file.

…but a piece of advice: always aim to reliable hardware instead of complex workarounds via software. If your gateway needs power resets, I would simply replace it with a stable one. Never heard of such unstable KNX-certified gateways.

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Agreed, you should replace the hardware.
I have two interfaces installed, just to be able to switch over easily in case of a hardware failure and to be able to configure the interface as well.
Both interfaces are available in OH, so in case of a HW breakdown I can shift from one to the other without much hassle.
Adding a fail-over on software level within OH would cause a lot of work.
Just replace that bad interface and you will live happily ever after, it is simply not worth investing your time here.