KNX Binding needs daily reinstall

(Roland Wilke) #1


i migrated to knx binding 2.0 some time ago. Since two days the binding does not work anymore - until i reinstall it.
Then it works for a day or two and I need to reinstall again. Any ideas?

(Angelos) #2

does it get uninstalled without your intervention or you are uninstalling it and then re-installing it?

You need to post some logs and configs to see what could be wrong.

(Roland Wilke) #3

I reinstall manually. Today reinstalled - 4h later everything openhab works - but not KNX.
How do I get the log. Maybe I make a complete reinstallation of open hab…

(Angelos) #4

See here:

Maybe you have some leftover configs from the KNXv1 times which are causing “interference”
Check the logs for hints.

(Vincent Regaud) #5

@Dim, @Roland_Wilke

Maybe try clearing the cache