KNX Binding not shown in Paper UI

I freshly installed openhab2 offline version on Ubuntu 16.04.
I installed KNX binding via Paper UI and configuered it.

openhab> config:list "("
Pid:            org.openhab.knx
BundleLocation: mvn:org.openhab.binding/org.openhab.binding.knx/1.9.0-SNAPSHOT
   busaddr = 0.0.1
   ip =
   localIp = = org.openhab.knx
2016-11-20 17:10:29.378 [INFO ] [nx.internal.connection.KNXConnection] - Established connection to KNX bus on in mode TUNNEL.

Yet, in Configuration, Bindings in Paper UI the knx configuration does not show up.

That’s correct, as the knx binding is 1.9 -> OH1-binding -> not in paper UI :slight_smile: