KNX Binding not working after migration from MAC to Openhabian

Dear Friends,

I have been using openHAB2 on a MAC for a while and decided to move to a openhabian based install. After installing I have moved the userdata and the config as outlined in the backup chapter to the raspberry and started the install. Z-Wave and other things are working, however, KNX is not working anymore.

I get the following error:
Error Connecting to KNX bus: on connect to /
KNXnet/IP Tunneling communication failure on connect
Invalid argument (sendto failed)

I have checked the following:

  1. That the knx configuration is correct
  2. That I can reach the KNX Endpoint in the network
  3. That the setup still works with the MAC

Any advice how to move on? Maybe I just forgot something to install or other things are missing.

On checking I get the following information about KNX:

openhab> config:list "("
Pid:            org.openhab.knx
BundleLocation: mvn:org.openhab.binding/org.openhab.binding.knx/1.9.0
autoReconnectPeriod = 10
ip =
port = 3671 = org.openhab.knx
type = TUNNEL

Does anyone have a hint for me?

Thanks a lot for this brilliant piece of software!!


make sure that no other software is already connected to the KNXnet/IP Interface.
If your interface supports only 1 Tunnel and it is already occupied, you won’t be able to connect to it from the new OH2 installation.

Which IP Interface do you have?

Also, add your local IP (of the Raspberry (Pi3?)) as well as a busaddr in your /etc/openhab2/services/knx.cfg:


Hi Dim,

thanks for the quick answer. I was able to fix it already by setting the localIP (I thought it was only relevant if you had multiple interfaces).

Again, thanks a lot for your help!


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