KnX binding, things files are reloaded but things are not created

Hello, I just would like to shout loud to any people starting up KnX binding to join an IP Gateway by TUNNEL configuration like on a Rpi3 plugged to LAN.

First, I should say that Openhab 2.3 and KnX binding 1.12 will do the job but any other configurations may fail. I’ve spent plenty of time until I reached to the top most releases.

Then, as it is well explained on documentation, you should not rely any more on the openhab1 way of configuring the binding inside services but focus on “things”. Also, KnXD is not needed until you pretend your host to be the router.

Examples on documentation will work but take a look on required fields as they are very little few. To start testing you almost only need an IP and a GA for your KnX device. Don’t add parameters until you need them as they may broke the circuit. I’ve been also stacked on that.

Last but not least, I’d like to shout a big “thank you” to openhab community for their job as it is huge!!!

Please don’t mix up knx1 and knx2!

speaking of knx1.12 with openHAB2.3, you have to enable legacy bindings to use knx1. If using knx1, there is no such thing as a knx thing at all, but you have to use services/knx.cfg to define your knx interface (i.e. setting ip, parameters and so on)
But when using openHAB2.3 above and starting from scratch, I would highly recommend to use knx2 as binding. This is IMHO really stable and reliable.
It’s your choice if using a knx.things file (or which name you chose) or to define bridge and thing(s) through Paper UI. Please be aware that you should not mix definition for one binding, although it’s possible to define a bridge via file and a belonging thing via UI.

In fact, as knx1 is a very old binding, knx did work properly for me since openHAB1.1, and there was never a time when knx did not work correctly (well… knx1 with openHAB2 is another story… but since the knx2 binding is marked as stable, I never encountered problems which could not be solved)