KNX binding?


I’m trying to move from linuxmce to openhab 1.8.2… So it’s all a bit new to me. :blush:
But during the migration, I want to have both systems running. Of course. Linuxmce is using eibd to connect, and for the moment, I can’t seem to get the KNX binding to work. All servers are running under VMWare

In configuration/openhab.cfg, I’ve got:


And in addons, I’ve copied org.openhab.binding.knx-1.8.2.jar

For the item (configurations/items/demo.item), I’ve got:

Switch Light_GF_Living_Achterdeur “Achterdeur” (GF_Living, Lights) { knx=“3/1/105+3/3/30” }

I’ve tried to play around with tunnel/router and localip on/off. But nothing seems to work. Is it possible that it’s due the fact that 2 devices (eib and openhab) are talking to the IP-router? I’ve also shut down the server linuxmce for a while, but didn’t solve my issue.

In logback.xml, I’ve added:

<logger name="" level="DEBUG" />

I don’t see anything arriving in the logs (var/log/openhab) concerning knx traffic?
Any thoughts about it?

Is there a cli command to test the connection? fe with eib you’ve got groupswrite… don’t know if this exist under openhab?

ok, figured it out (try and error was the game)…

Seems I had to have following config in place for KNX. And both servers can send now their commands to the bus…


Where the .21 is my KNX Gateway, the .253 my openhab server and the 1.1.2 a free bus address.

Great, now this works, I can start creating some items/sitemaps/…