KNX Bindung - what does the + sign in group address?


what does the + sign before a GA with KNX binding do?

I saw an configuration with {knx="+<2/7/5"} instead of {knx="<2/7/5"} - what is the difference? There is no explanation in the docs.

{knx="+<2/7/5"} makes no sense! :wink:
the plus adds some more GA, with the same command logic (you have to read the whole docs on this):

Dimmer TestDimmer "TestDimmer [%s]" (Lights) { knx="1/3/20+0/3/20, 1/3/21, 1/3/22+0/3/22+0/8/15" }

this one tells the GA 1/3/20 and 0/3/20 the same time as OnOffType, 1/3/21 as IncreaseDecreaseType , and 1/3/22 and 0/3/22 and 0/8/15 as PercentType.

read the “Example”-part again… :wink:

ok, thank you… the example was exact like written by me, so I think this was wrong