KNX Bridge declaration for KNX-IP-devices

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how is the KNX bridge declaration for an IT-only KNX device supposed to be written in a things file?

Because IP-only devices sit on their own line (regarding KNX topology) without an IP-Router, it seems a bit strange to define an KNX Bridge (in reality this a KNX IP-Router), which might be located in a different line, just to satisfy things syntax.

Imagine this scenario:

IP Line: 1.1

  • no 1.1.0 PA, because it’s an IP-only line in an IP backbone project *
    openHAB with a dummy PA of 1.1.2, IP address
    some IP-KNX device with a PA of 1.1.11, IP address

TP Line: 1.2
IP-Router PA 1.1.0, IP
1.1.x some TP KNX devices

Putting a laptop with ETS in subnet, it is possible to communicate with the IP-KNX device through multicast only.

Setting the IP-Router 1.2.0 as the ETS interface, it is also possible to communicate with the IP device.

For openHAB is also sitting in subnet, it also must be able to communicate with the IP device through mean of multicast - from an IP-network point of view.

So, imagine writing two different things files - one for KNX devices in line 1.1 and another one for KNX devices in line 1.2. The things file for line 1.2 needs a bridge declaration using the IP-Router 1.2.0 either as type TUNNEL or type ROUTER.

But what about the things file for line 1.1? The final device is directly reachable via multicast - BUT it ist NOT a KNX IP-Router or gateway, nor will it behave like one.

Looking forward to your answers.

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