KNX cannot be read

I’ve installed OpenHabian with KNX support and got it working so that I can turn on and off lights, but controlling DALI dimmers is not working. OpenHab complains about timeouts while trying to read the current state of the dimmers.

I’ve got the DPT specifications from my electrician and I’ve tested the KNX bridge also with Node.js KNX library where I can directly write to KNX addresses and then I’ve been able to turn off and on and also dim the dimmable lights.

The gist of the issue seems that KNX does not respond to read requests. When I send a read request to any of the KNX addresses, it timeouts - even if I let it wait 30 seconds or so.

My KNX-IP gateway is Zennio KNX IP-Interface and KNX server is Berker Domovea. Does anyone have a clue whether I need to invest in new hardware or whether there is something in the configuration that could explain the problem?

I personally don’t have access to ETS, so I need to make all changes through the electrician.

Maybe there is no R-flag set…

For reading states from knx, there has to be exactly one device set to answer to read requests (typically the actuator) per GA.

Ok. So I should ask the electrician to check this with ETS? Or can I do it myself without the software?

Yes, you will need ETS for this.

Thank you for a quick response. I’ll check the status with ETS and when that is done, I’ll report the findings here.