KNX - Datapoint for scenes?

Hi folks,

puh, another obstacle.

To control my ventilation system we needed to emulate a rotary switch with 3 lines in a normal switching actor. To ensure that only one line is on we defined scenes for this actor. A normal KNX switch can now control this by sending the scene number to the actor. Works fine, but I don’t get the scene number in openHAB. I suspetc a datapoint mapping issue.

When I’m looking in the ETS monitor I see something like:

14,“10.04.2016 09:14:48,776”,1.1.43,-,3/3/3,-,6,Schreiben,$00 | 0 %
41,“10.04.2016 09:18:18,893”,1.1.43,-,3/3/3,-,6,Schreiben,$03 | 1 %
69,“10.04.2016 09:21:21,538”,1.1.43,-,3/3/3,-,6,Schreiben,$02 | 1 %
73,“10.04.2016 09:22:26,184”,1.1.43,-,3/3/3,-,6,Schreiben,$03 | 1 %

I tried it without and with an explicit datapoint declaration:
Number Aertion “Lüftung [%.1f ]” { knx = “1.022:3/3/3” }

But I always get only a 1.

In the ETS log I see the $01 or $03 wich seems to contain the scene number. How to I get and set this number?

DPT 1.* is one bit, so no wonder you always get 1 (or 0) :slight_smile:

Scene-DPT should be 17.001 if I remember correctly.

hm. :confused: TY I give it a try next weekend.

Somehow this is getting by far more technical then I thought. But thanks for your support! Keeps me up!

Thanks Udo. Now it’s working.

And your memory was right :slight_smile: