KNX homelynk controller

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i want to connect my KNX system with openhabian software using raspberry pi3
having KNX homelynk Controller (Made Schneider electric) to connect my system with google home for voice control , but i am unable to add thing and item in inbox .
can anyone help me on this .

What OH version is installed and do you see anything in the logs regarding KNX?

i am using openhab version 2.4.0
there is an error showing KNX github issue

Now i am able to see my knx controller gateway as a thing which is added manually by me (KNX bindings installed), but it is not coming in control . can anyone tell how can i
take it to control dashboard ,so that i can control my KNX system.

I didn’t manage to successfully auto-discover the things on KNX bus (some devices does not respond - for example most of knx-rf switches), so it is better to use .things/.items files. Also giving the fact that KNX has relatively stable topology, i think configuration via files is better.
For each KNX device, define one thing inside the bridge:

Thing device LR_AKK03 "Kitchen Light Actuator"@"Kitchen" [address="1.1.16", fetch=false, pingInterval=1200, readInterval=0] {
	Type switch : LR16_AKK3_G0 "Kitchen Spot" [ga="1/2/0+<1/2/1"]
	Type switch : LR16_AKK3_G11 "Kitchen Main" [ga="1/2/2+<1/2/3"]
	Type switch : LR16_AKK3_G22 "Balcony Lights" [ga="1/2/4+<1/2/5"]

address is your device address, ga is group address (you have to browse in ETS (if you have project) or listen to the bus & use manufacturer documents for each device GAs). That is most time consuming task.
Then in .items:

Switch Kitchen_LA_Spot “Kitchen Spot” (gKitchen,gKNX,gLights) {channel=“knx:device:bridge:LR_AKK03:LR16_AKK3_G0”}
Switch Kitchen_LA_Main “Kitchen Main” (gKitchen,gKNX,gLights) {channel=“knx:device:bridge:LR_AKK03:LR16_AKK3_G11”}
Switch Balcony_LA_Spot “Balcony Lights” (gBalcony,gKNX,gLights) {channel=“knx:device:bridge:LR_AKK03:LR16_AKK3_G22”}

The naming of the channels is up to you (I’m using Location_DeviceType_ChanID here)

Thank you Mr. @Vlad1024 Vlad1024 for your reply.
i want to connect my KNX home controller (Homelynk - Schneider electric made) to openHAB . It is showning online (Manually Added in KNX bindings , IP Gateway ) but not able to control . Please say if you have any solution for this.

there is openhabian github issue is coming while installing knxd in openhabian (2.4.0)