KNX integration - Switch-control group adress notation

Dear community, I may need your help …

My use case is actually fairly simple: switch a hue plug via KNX.
KNX group adresses: 1/0/1 on/off 1/2/1 state

In OH3 I use a KNX switch-control channel and when it comes to the ga notation my understanding from the KNX binding doc is: “on/off ga”+“state ga” … in fact 1/1/1+1/2/1

However, when I switch the plug in OH3, it fires the state to the first ga … in fact to 1/1/1 and not to 1/2/1.
And it fires the state twice. 1st time immediatly after switching, 2nd time a few secs later.

Can somebody please help me to interpret this behavior?


Need to correct a little type:

KNX group adresses: 1/1/1 on/off 1/2/1 state

Normal behavior, first GA is always the outgoing GA. (this is knx standard)
In question of double sending the address: is the status updated twice, too?

Thanks for your quick reply, Udo.
Got it … outgoing adress first, makes sense and in fact easy to memorize … KNX binding *.control doc seems to be a bit misleading as the *.control example describes it the other way around. Anyway…

When it comes to my 2nd issue: I’m currently traveling and can’t provide more details Will reproduce the observation as soon as I get back to my desk.
For the time being thanks again for your help!

xxx-control type channels are intended for control devices e.g. a glass panel.
Unusually for channels, they send the Item state onto the KNX bus e.g. to light an indicator graphic.
Incoming messages are converted to openHAB Item commands, e.g. like clicking a GUI switch.

That’s an actuator? Don’t use a xx-control type channel.

As it’s a HUE plug, this is no knx actuator, so switch-control should be correct.

Good morning …

actor (no KNX …switch control used, ga 2/1/10 = on/off; ga 2/2/10=RM status) functions as desired.
However, observation is, that every 30 secs the status (RM) is being fired to the KNX bus. See pics.
Any thoughts why that is?

Thx, Arno


Well, that’s out of scope of knx… This is HUE status update…

Thanks a lot, very valuable hint.
Well, in this case it is not a Hue plug but a WiFi plug. The “thing” has an option “status update” which was set to 30secs …. I now disabled it.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

(No idea where I got the HUE…)

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