Knx items state in Google assistant

Does anyone know if Google Assistant is aware or can read the status of devices from the OpenHab (my items mostly based on knx devices, Openhab is already intergated with GA with using OpenHab Cloud framework I would like to know the status of dimmer or switch? (especially when are managed from different sources GA and OpenHab app/HabPanel ) ?
Thank you for the advice
best regards

If you have your switches exposed to Google Assistant, then GA will poll openHAB for the state and stay in sync. It doesn’t matter what your devices are, so long as they are reporting their states to openHAB.

Hi, thanks for confirmation, today a bit played with this, and in Google Home application is seen that object changed state, and when by simple I asked google about status light or brightness in specific room ive got information.

btw this is normal that my openhab no longer shows information about items, ive used REST url to check my item status, but as far i remember few years early , information about items were showed?
Thank you, Slawek