KNX Jigsaw ComfortClick

Hi all!

I recently installed some KNX infrastructure and trying to get that also connected to openHAB.
I have a ComfortClick Jigsaw (Jigsaw KNX - Smart Home Building Automation Products - ComfortClick bOS) which is configured via bOS (KNX - Smart Home Building Automation Software - ComfortClick bOS) with access to my router and the Internet.

Does anyone have experience with this device and a possible connection?
I tried to use the default KNX/IP binding but that doesn’t seem to work at all.


I had a quick look and it seems that the Jigsaw only supports some proprietary protocol. Calimero (the library the KNX binding uses for bus connections) only supports IP routing/tunneling and serial connections.

Thanks for the reply Jan! Past days I was playing around a bit with both systems.
bOS has a RPC so by enabling that, I can address all devices via REST api.

Adding the code that I used here, if it can help someone in the future.
The only thing is that you will need some time to config all individual devices or have some proper programming skills.

   url: "https://user:password@IP:443/API/RPC/SetValue/"
   method: POST
   verify_ssl: false
   content_type: "application/json"
   payload: '{"objectName":"Devices\\KNX\\Sturing verlichting\\Verlichting aan/uit\\Sturing L021 bureau aan/uit","valueName":"Value","Value":"true"}'

That looks like it could be used with the HTTP binding.