KNX offline

Would anyone here happen to know of a way for a KNX installation to “detect” if Openhab goes offline? My thought is that I want to automate some things with Openhab that go from KNX to KNX but have additional logic. Now I might want to have the same things working within KNX if Openhab is offline, but I’m clueless about how to go about/what module might have the capability to pull it off. I’ve come as far as sending a heartbeat to the bus, but can’t think of a way to react if the heartbeat isn’t received. Has anyone had the same situation?


I would think of a heart beat which retriggers a timer (in Germany we call it staircase timer, does this make sense to you?)
If the button is pressed, the light will turn on. If the button is pressed again and again, the light will stay on, until the button isn’t pressed for the allocated period.

So, if the heart beat is missing, the timer will expire and thus the corresponding GA will switch to OFF. I’m pretty sure there are logic devices for knx which should make this possible, or maybe you have an unused switch channel which could be “abused” for this.

That is a great idea, didn’t think of that. Thank you! It’s kinda like an expire binding for KNX.