KNX, Philips Hue, openHAB combined in a KNX home - Lightning beginner question

I’m going to have a KNX setup in my new house with KNX MDT switches (Glastaster 2) controlling the lightning. (besides other stuff controlled by KNX)

Now I got a beginner question and I’m hoping that someone can answer this question.

Let’s start with the following setup:

  • KNX MDT switches (Glastaster 2)
  • Standard GU10 light bulbs
  • Power supply of the lights is switched/controlled by KNX actors

Is the following possible with the help of openHAB?

I replace the standard GU10 bulbs with Philips Hue GU10 bulbs.

When switching these lights OFF with the KNX MDT switch the lights go OFF and the lights do not have power supply since the KNX actor is turned to OFF. (preventing standby power usage from the hue lights)

When switching the lights back ON with the KNX MDT switch the lights turn ON and get turned back to the same color they had before turning them OFF.

So basically I’d like to have a mixture of standard KNX lightning and all the color fun I can have with Philips Hue light bulbs. But without the need for expensive e.g. DALI lightning and without the standby madness of multiple philips hue lighs.

Is something like that possible with the help of the openHAB server and its KNX2 and Philips Hue binding?



I may be wrong, but I think that a DALI solution may be cheaper than a Philips Hue one…
The most expensive component is usually the KNX DALI Gateway. The other stuff are cheap. Anyway…

Of course yes :slight_smile:
One way I can think of is the following:
Setup your KNX and Hue environment as usual (Items linked to proper Channels, etc)
Use a persistence service to store the last state of the Items.
Setup dummy Items to be controlled for the Lights.
When the dummy Item will receive an ON command, send via the rule to the corresponding Items the ON (to both KNX & Hue) + the color value (to Hue).

…but…wait… Hue bulbs don’t “remember” their last color value when you turn them off?
I don’t own Hue, so I am aware of how they work.

Hmm yeah I have looked at this solution as well and all the wiring is prepared for DALI as well.

But DALI lights including the DALI EVG are not cheap at all and the selection of DALI lights is not great. I would prefer to have lights with standard GU10 or E27 sockets that you can get nearly everywhere. (WAF factor :wink: )

So this gets fixed as well. :slight_smile:

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Hi Denis,

i have the same setup here: a mixture of KNX an Hue.

Using a „simple“ KNX wall switch is easy: just put both bindings in the item declaration.

Using a „smart“ KNX switch with status LED is also possible with a rule.

As i wrote two days ago, everything went right, till something changed and sometimes the system sometimes comes to halt.

Best regards

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Oh that sounds good. I will have to try that with a test setup in the next weeks. If other people got experience with this setup as well just drop me a message here. :+1: