KNX: Please add Support for DPT 14.017 (density)


this is my first posting here, while I was only reading here last months. I apologize for my bad English and if I missed something about this topic.

I have build a new house with KNX and want to use openHAB for access and control from mobile devices. I also own a Wiregate, which is a 1wire Server and Gateway.

I would like to receive density values, for example absolute humidity. This is send from Wiregate on KNX bus with DPT 14.017.

Currently, this DPT is not supported by openhab, please add support.
If I use a number item without DPT, I get false values (for example 791g/m³ instead of 11g/m³ visible in Wiregate and ETS Bus Monitor).
Or is there another way to receive and display this value correctly?

Number Hum_Outdoor_abs “Luftfeuchte abs. [%.1f g/m³]” (Humidity, Outdoor) {knx=“5/2/140”}

You could try another DPT14.00x, maybe 14.001 is working…

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I will try this, thank you. 14.001 is circular acceleration, lets see if it works.

DTP 14.001 is working, thank you very much!

Nevertheless, DPT 14.017 would be nice :wink: I don’t have the skills to do this, though.

Should I create a feature request om GitHub?