KNX Predicted to become off - Repeately

Hello Guys.
Trying to make some rules in my OH3, with KNX and HUE.

When the outside Brightness changes, the rule is executed, but every time the rule is executed, the lamps receives the command “ON” or - “Off” if it is in the “Off” situation.

I understnad why this happens - but wondering if there is any smart way to prevent it triggering all the time?

Or is it only something i need to manually code - so first check if the item is “ON” - Then execute the “OFF” command - and if it already is “OFF” just end the rule here?

I program in UI in OH3 - i’ve seen earlier that it was possible to set a “Status” telegram on the channel, so the KNX responded back that the Channel was turned off - now it is just something it “predicts” since it get no answer back

It’s not too clear which way you are trying to go here.

The rule does what you tell it to do, so yes - if you do not want to command ON when already ON, it’s up to you to put conditional code to avoid that.

“Predictions” are about autoupdate, an openHAB feature meant to give the appearance of a fast response even with sluggish devices.
You should make sure your KNX configuration is updating your Item appropriately.