[KNX] Problems with Slats and Status of Shutter

Hi all,

I use openHAB since last year and have a generally well working setup, BUT …

I have two issues:

My configuration is as follows:

Rollershutter Jalousie “Jalousie [%d %%]” (gJalousien, gArbeitszimmerJoerg) {knx=“2/2/0, 2/2/1, 2/2/2+<2/2/3”, autoupdate=“false”}
Rollershutter Jalousie_Slat “Slat [%d %%]” {knx=“2/2/0, 2/2/1, 2/2/5+<2/2/4”, autoupdate=“false”}


Switch item=Jalousie
Slider item=Jalousie_Slat

Problem 1) I want to change my slats with the slider and it used work well but not anymore - I have no Idea why:
Moving the Shutters works.
When I move the Slider, ETS Inside’s Monitor sees the following:

Openhab.log says:

Received command (item=‘Jalousie_Slat’, command=‘56’)
found 1 compatible datapoints for item Jalousie_Slat (org.openhab.core.library.types.PercentType)
Wrote value ‘65’ to datapoint ‘command DP 2/2/5 Jalousie_Slat, DPT main 0 id 5.001, low priority’
Received groupWrite Event.
toType datapoint DPT = 9.001

… AND then nothing happens. It seems that it reads the position but does not execute the command to move the Slat.

Problem 2) I wanted to see the Feedback where the Shutter stands, at what level.

I believe to have the GA’s configured correctly, but it does not even show any activities in the logfiles nor on the Bus monitor

no sign of any information flow concerning position.

Please help me get this solved!

Thanks in advance!


any ideas??

thanks in advance!