KNX Rollershutter and Alexa

My smart home is based on KNX,

I have generated on openHAB2 (2.4 on openbian on Raspberry PI 3+) all the lights using Paper UI. I am able to switch on/off the lights via the Control Panel of Paper UI, so I have not generated files on Linux.

I have exposed the generated items to Alexa via Hue Emulation: Alexa is able to switch on/off the Lights.

I have some problems:

  1. all the “Things” have a status “OFFLINE” on Paper UI. Why? I don’t know where is my mistake

  2. I am not able to well configure the KNX rollershutter: the rollers appear on openHABB Control Panel, there are the controls for UP/DOWN/STOP but only DOWN is operative (on events.log there are all the events, up, down, stop); further, is not running very well (goes down, after up, and so on)

  3. Alexa is not able to see these rollershutter, they are not discovered. How I must define them to be visible for Alexa?


Regarding the point 1 (Offline status on things) I have solved: there was a configuration mismatch.

I have configured both under “Paper UI”, but I forgot to remove under filesystem knx.items file.

Remain active the problem for Rollershutter. OpenHAB is able to drive the rollershutter but i doesn’t expose it to Alexa: what is my mistake?

Thanks in advance.

Is not there anyone that can tell me how to expose the rollershutters to Alexa?


I can give some other informations.

The “item” in Paper UI is configured as:

Label: “TapparellaStudio”
Category: Switchable
Type: Rollershutter
Parent Group: no entry
Auto Update: Enforce an Auto Update

Something is wrong?