KNX rollershutter in homekit

Someone knows how i can integrate knx rollershutter/blinds in homekit?
i can see them in homekit and click on it. But nothing happens. in basic ui it works.
my knx.things:
Type rollershutter : RolladeTest “Rollo” [ upDown=“1/3/3”, stopMove=“1/3/7”, postition=“4/3/11”, autoupdate=“false” ]
Rollershutter Rollo “RolloKüche [%d %%]” [ “Blinds” ] { channel=“knx:device:bridge:generic:RolladeTest” }

position is not important to work.

I already use this Version! The Problem is, that nothing happens when i Click on the rollershutter icon. But when the positions are shown. In the normal Paper ui it works.


I use a different protocol, with modified version it works, this is my .items

Rollershutter Tapparella_Cucina “Cucina [%.0f %%]” (LivingRoom) [ “Blinds” ] { channel=“openwebnet:bus_automation:mybridge:mytap_cucina:shutter” }


Thing bus_automation mytap_cucina “Tapparella Cucina” @ “Sala” [ where=“92”, shutterRun=“12000” ]

I think there is a difference between a knx item and others.