KNX rollershutter position with 2 data point types

after updgrading to KNX2 and Things configuration I can not get my rollershutter to work compleatly. Up/Down and Stop are working, yet position is not working anymore.

Here’s my configuration, which I transfered over from KNX1 to Things config:

Type rollershutter :  Shutter_EG_Living_left "Jalousie links" [ upDown="2/0/2", stopMove="2/0/3", position="5.001:2/0/9+9.001:<2/0/11"]

If I use the slider or send a number to the item via a rule, nothing happens.

Any idea how to solve this issue?

Have you tried using Type rollershutter-control for the item?

Don’t think you want that, KNX xxx-control types are for control panels, rather than actuators.

Ich checked KNX logs, If I try to set a position via the slider I get:

None of the configured GAs on channel ‘knx:device:bridge:generic:Shutter_EG_Living_left’ could handle the command ‘54’ of type ‘PercentType’

If I leave out the reading adress, the rollershutter works just fine, yet without getting an update if some externally changes the position.

You can’t use different DPT for one parameter in one channel.
As a matter of fact, this is true for the whole knx system.
The DPT is how the data is to be interpreted, and this is defined from the manufacturer.
In most cases position will be 5.001 (i.e. 0% to 100% in 256 steps).

Unfortunately, my actor uses two different DTPs for reading and writing the position. Therefore, I had to create two different group addresses. I’m not familiar with concept of channels. Is this a restriction of openhab2, that one cannot uses different DTPs in one channel (For me channel is “position” e.g.")?

Possible workaround;
OH Items may be linked to more than one channel.
You may be able to set up your KNX rollershutter channel for the “command position” function only.
And a separate channel (perhaps just a number type?) for the “report position”
Try linking to two separate Items to begin with. It might go wrong with both channels linked to just one Item if either reports UNDEF or similar.

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