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I was looking around, I found some articles, but I’m not able to transfer it on my problem, sorry!

I recently activated some rules to control the shutters. But there are just some “UP” and “DOWN” command. But assumed I want to send a KNX Scene Group-Address which sets all shutters to a predefined % of closing? I’m lost!

How to send a command to a group-address?

I assume, I have to setup a swich or some other control in the *items file?! And send a related command in the *.rules file!?

Is there any help? Or good related article??


You have to define one item for each group address you want to send to (exceptions are items which use more than one group address, e.g. rollershutter item uses three different group addresses) For recalling scenes I use this:

Number Scene_GF_Living_Shading "Beschattung" { knx="17.001:1/1/1" }


Switch item=Scene_GF_Living_Shading label="Beschattung" mappings=[1="auf", 0="ab"]

At the moment, there is no way to request a knx scene to store the actual states from within openHAB.

If you call a scene from knx, openHAB will receive the scene number and vice versa.

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“Happy new Year!” to everybody…

Hi Udo,

of course I got the scenes running. But after some try and error I’m still a bit confused about the scene no.
For a while a used the workaround sending scene-no n-1 to knx-bus.

…since I changed my rules, I mixed something up and my scenes doesn’t work well anymore…
Now I found your post on GitHub: Calimero Bug and I’m wondering if the problem still exists or what your solution has been?!

My KNX actors support scenes no. beginning from 1…

Is this still a bug??


:slight_smile: Yes, I got confused about this, too (long time ago…) The point is, knx Scene number “1” is on knx bus represented with a “0”, neither a bug in Calimero, nor in openHAB :slight_smile:

…in other words, does this mean, if my actors doesn’t support scene-no. “0”, I have to use openHab Scene-No. beginning with “2” and KNX will handle this like a “1”??

No :slight_smile: in fact, every knx actor supports scene numbers from 1 to n (where n is e.g. 32 or 64) and the busmonitor writes $00 (0) to $3F (63)

Dear friends,

I’ve got a problem with the scenes delay!

If I make a dimming for 6 lamps (put it on 50%) it takes something like 5 seconds to turn on.

Someone give me a solution for it???

Which type of scene? knx or openHAB?